Level 3 Agriculture

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr M. Bennett

Agribusiness is fully internally assessed. Students will be able to gain University Entrance. The semester 1 course consists of two achievement standards from Business Studies, but focusing on Agriculture. Students will develop a marketing plan for an innovative product. They will then study bio security and potential problems for New Zealand primary production. This course will provide 10 credits towards UE. Students will need to take the 2nd semester to gain the additional 4 credits to gain UE.  There is no requirement to have taken Agriculture in Year 11 or 12. If students take Year 13 Commerce there may be a double up of some achievement standards and will only be able to count one subject towards UE.  It is likely that students will be timetabled with Year 11 or Year 12 Ag, so students will be expected to work independently.

Credit Information

Total Credits Available: 10 credits.
Internally Assessed Credits: 10 credits.

Internal or
L1 Literacy Credits
UE Literacy Credits
Numeracy Credits
A.S. 91869 v1
Agribusiness 3.8 - Analyse future proofing strategies to ensure long term viability of a business
Level: 3
Internal or External: Internal
Credits: 4
Level 1 Literacy Credits: Y
University Entrance Literacy Credits: 4r *
Numeracy Credits: 0
A.S. 91382 v2
Business Studies 3.4 - Develop a marketing plan for a new or existing product
Level: 3
Internal or External: Internal
Credits: 6
Level 1 Literacy Credits: Y
University Entrance Literacy Credits: 6r *
Numeracy Credits: 0
Credit Summary
Total Credits: 10
Total Level 1 Literacy Credits: 10
Total University Entrance Literacy Credits: 10
TotalNumeracy Credits: 0

Approved subject for University Entrance

Number of credits that can be used for overall endorsement: 10

Only students engaged in learning and achievement derived from Te Marautanga o Aotearoa are eligible to be awarded these subjects as part of the requirement for 14 credits in each of three subjects.


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