Level 1 Agricultural Science

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms J. Carson-Iles

Level 1 Agricultural Science will allow students to explore and make sense of a variety of different aspects of Agriculture and Horticulture. This course is designed to take full advantage of the school gardens and farm area. In this course you will learn to grow plants from seed, maintain a small garden and learn the correct use of a variety of different garden tools. 

You will also be introduced to wide range of agricultural and horticultural primary production methods used in New Zealand. Agriculture is a very important industry in South Canterbury and this course will help you understand the processes from paddock to plate. During term one the aim will be to spend at least one lesson a week in the garden, so you must enjoy being outdoors to take this course.

We will look at Primary production management practices in farming that have both positive and/or negative impacts on the environment. Later in the year there will be a practical investigation into an aspect of agriculture or horticulture.  There is also an external exam for the Soil Science unit, which we will start preparing for in term 3 for those students who are interested.

For more information please see Ms Carson.

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Assessment Policy & Procedures
Career Pathways

Agricultural Technician, Arborist, Farmer/Farm Manager, Biosecurity Officer, Butcher, Farm Assistant, Science Technician, Crop Worker, Forest Manager, Forestry and Logging Worker, Forestry Scientist, Groundsperson