Level 2 Biology

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs C. Lincoln

Biology is the study of living organisms and the natural world. The Level 2 Biology course builds on the knowledge & skills that were developed during Level 1 Science. 

You will carry out a practical biological investigation looking at the movement of substances into cells. This will be supported through learning about life processes at a cellular level, which is an external assessment. Learning includes plant & animal cells, adaptations, enzymes, photosynthesis & genetics. You will also explore and make sense of how animals and plants are adapted to survive in a variety of different environments. This will be assessed through two different internal standards. There may also be the possibility of learning more about genetics and also how to carry out biological drawings using microscopes.

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Assessment Policy & Procedures

Level 3 Biology

Career Pathways

Acupuncturist, Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor, Registered Nurse, Agricultural/Horticultural Scientist, Paramedic, Veterinary Nurse, Zoologist, Beekeeper, Chemist, Zookeeper, Marine Biologist, Arborist, Medical Physicist, Meat/Seafood Process Worker, Microbiologist, Beauty Therapist, Farmer/Farm Manager, Biochemist, Biomedical Engineer, Biotechnologist, Biosecurity Officer, Brewer, Mechanical Engineer, Fishing Skipper, Clinical Physiologist, Physician, Surgeon, Midwife, Dental Assistant, Science Technician, Chiropractor, Medical Laboratory Scientist, Dental Technician, Pharmacist, Crop Farmer/Manager, Dentist, Diagnostic Radiologist, Dietitian, Forensic Scientist, General Practitioner, Dog Trainer, Geologist, Environmental Scientist, Environmental/Public Health Officer, Ranger, Food Technologist, Professional Sportsperson, Forest Manager, Forestry Scientist, Gardener, Agricultural/Horticultural Field Representative, Health Promoter, Naturopath, Veterinarian, Massage Therapist, Nursery Grower/Worker, Occupational Therapist, Optometrist, Osteopath, Physiotherapist, Quarantine Officer, Radiation Oncologist, Speech-Language Therapist, Water/Wastewater Treatment Operator, Pet Groomer, Orchard Farmer/Manager