Level 2 Digital Technology

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr C. Wright

Level 2 Digital Technology - DTG 201

Digital Technologies are of vital importance to New Zealand’s growth in a modern 21st Century. Students in New Zealand need to develop their knowledge and skills to equip them for the rapid changes that are occurring in our society. The course will concentrate on building the skills necessary for the careers of the future. 

So we will be covering - Programming in PHP, JavaScript, Python languages, learning web development HTML/CSS/JavaScript, database development linked to a website or python application and finally the course will cover intermediate computer science concepts, where you will get to choose which topic you would like to study, these include -  encryption, error control systems, computer security, complexity and tractability and artificial intelligence.

Each student will come out of this course with a solid understanding of a range of digital technologies and skills that could lead onto jobs and career paths.

Course Overview

Term 1
The course will start with intermediate skills necessary in web development. Covering HTML/CSS/JavaScript and the design principles necessary. Their learning will also include how to link to databases using PHP and how to design and query relational databases.

Term 2
Their website and database assessments will continue until the end of term two.

Term 3
Term three students will learn more advanced coding skills in the Python programming language. They will be expected to have an understanding of the fundamentals already in Python. Advanced iterative developed methodologies using Kanban boards, agile development techniques, and version control using Github will also be covered to complete their learning before their combined assessment begins.
An external CAT (common assessment task) will be offered for students wanting to gain more credits in computer science.

Term 4
Students in the final term will be finishing off their internal assessments.

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