Animate Create (English & Digital Technology)

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Miss G. Knowles

Animate Create

You will explore animation techniques, flip cards, frame-by-frame, stop motion, claymation, video and virtual reality to reinvent a scene from a novel. You will be challenged to understand and re-create your interpretation of different events and ideas from the text in various digital ways. Embedded in their learning will be design and computational thinking used in the Technology process. 

Students will:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of text
  • Have a knowledge of the history and development of animation
  • Learn how to read and interpret challenging texts
  • Understand the technologies involved in animation/video creation
  • Have opportunities to be creative 
  • Gain hands on experience with designing and modelling 
  • Learn about computational thinking
  • Enjoy reading and studying a good novel
  • Gain an understanding of ideas and author's purpose 
  • Basic coding of animations
  • Learn how to use literacy information skills 


Level 1 Digital Technology, Level 1 English, Level 1 English Creative

Animator, Film special effects, Graphics designer, Game Developer, Writer, Journalist