Exploring Aotearoa (Science & Maths)

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs C. Lincoln

Have you ever wondered why Aotearoa  is so unique? Why do we not find the Kiwi, Tuatara and Tui all over the world? Do we really live up to up image of “100% Pure NZ”? In this module you will learn about why Aotearoa is geographically isolated and how evolution and adaptation has shaped the native species that we see today. Was it possible that Ricky Baker spotted a Huia bird in the movie Hunt for the Wilderpeople? Using statistics and probability we will explore and make sense of the impact humans have had on Aotearoa, why tourism is so important and what we need to do to protect our native species. You will apply your knowledge of maths and science to make conclusions from your own investigations. Using the conclusions you have made we will analyse why NZ majestical flora and fauna has adapted the way it has and the importance of Māori culture.



Level 1 Agriculture, Level 1 Mathematics, Level 1 Science