Comp Stats (Maths & Digital Technology)

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr C. Wright

Jobs of the future. With the rapid increase of technologies, what breakthroughs in computing have changed the world. How do these technologies work and what kind of jobs does the future hold? How have these technologies come about and what is next?

This module will teach computer science and the statistical inquiry cycle. How do computers store data, developing algorithms and error-detection methods, searching and sorting information, how compression works, and what's inside a computer and how do they work?  Also, learning how to represent data and information in graphs and determine trends. 

We will look at the changing employment situation created by transitioning from a rural agricultural economy, before the industrial revolution, to the present day and where the futurists predict, automation and artificial intelligence will change things by 2050. We will explore how the advent of the microchip has changed our world. The statistics associated with work and living standards have changed over time. We will make sense of the data available and look at how the futurists come up with their predictions. We will generate ideas about where we believe the statistics are tending to take our society. At the end of this module you should have a better understanding of how technology and statistics are used to influence some of your decisions and choices in life.


Level 1 Digital Technology, Level 1 Mathematics

Data Science, Computer Science, Information Technology, Software Engineer, Computer Programmer, Systems Analyst, Database Administrator, Mathematician, Statistician