Level 3 Digital Technology

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr C. Wright

Level 3 Digital Technology - DTG 301

Digital technologies is a great career option. This course prepares students for university studies in Computer Science, Information Technologies careers and software engineering courses. We will cover website development, with HTML5, CSS, Javascript and validating input, PHP/SQL, SQL/HTML injection protection, advanced image editing, encryption and security measures necessary in protecting websites. 

Students will learn industry standard coding and conventions for programming, web development and database design.

Object orientated programming with graphical user interfaces with the Python programming is also covered. Students will develop their projects following agile development methodologies, and version control used in real world business environments. 

Advanced computer science concepts covering artificial intelligence, complexity and tractability finish off their learning year.  

Course Overview

Term 1
The course begins with developing complex websites with dynamic content, using relational databases and coding languages like PHP/SQL.
Students will mostly be learning in this first term and planning their projects.

Term 2
Term two will be creating their dynamic data-driven website projects.

Term 3
During this term, students will be how to do programming in Python, using OOP (object orientated) and graphical programs. They will also learn more advanced development processes to manage their projects.
There will also be an opportunity to do an external CAT (common assessment task) for a computer science topic of their choosing.

Term 4
Their last term will be finishing off their internal projects.

Credit Information
Internal or
L1 Literacy Credits UE Literacy Credits Numeracy Credits
A.S. 91902 v1 Digital Technologies and Hangarau Matihiko 3.3 - Use complex techniques to develop a database
A.S. 91903 v1 Digital Technologies and Hangarau Matihiko 3.4 - Use complex techniques to develop a digital media outcome
A.S. 91906 v1 Digital Technologies and Hangarau Matihiko 3.7 - Use complex programming techniques to develop a computer program
A.S. 91907 v1 Digital Technologies and Hangarau Matihiko 3.8 - Use complex processes to develop a digital technologies outcome
Total Credits

Total Credits Available: 20 credits.
Internally Assessed Credits: 20 credits.