Elevate (Science & Tech)

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr A. Lincoln

Your task is to design and build a crane that will successfully pick up and move an object using levers, pivots and simple hydraulics. You will explore the problem through research and practical experimentation. You will generate prototypes to test and make sense. You will apply your knowledge to build the final product. You will have the opportunity to develop skills in both the workshop and the science lab and develop an understanding of how scientific investigation can be used and applied to a working context.

Forces are one of the fundamental basics of Physics and Engineering. They can be used to predict and control the Physical world around us. You will learn some basic ideas of how forces act upon objects and how they can be useful. You will then need to use this Knowledge in the Technology workshop as you design and build a basic crane or mechanical arm.

Budding engineers who enjoy building and testing models and learning how they work or why they failed should consider this module. 



Level 1 Engineering, Level 1 English, Level 1 Mathematics, Level 1 Physical Education, Level 1 Science, Level 1 Wood, Building & Joinery, Level 2 and 3 Combined Sciences, Level 2 Engineering, Level 2 Mathematics, Level 2 Physics, Level 2 Wood, Building & Joinery, Level 3 Engineering, Level 3 Mathematics, Level 3 Physics, Level 3 Wood, Building & Joinery