Animate Create (English & Digital Technology)

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Miss G. Knowles

Animate Create

You will explore animation techniques, flip cards, frame-by-frame, stop motion, claymation, video and virtual reality to reinvent a scene from a novel. You will be challenged to understand and re-create your interpretation of different events and ideas from the text in various digital ways. Embedded in their learning will be design and computational thinking used in the Technology process. 

Students will:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of text
  • Have a knowledge of the history and development of animation
  • Learn how to read and interpret challenging texts
  • Understand the technologies involved in animation/video creation
  • Have opportunities to be creative 
  • Gain hands on experience with designing and modelling 
  • Learn about computational thinking
  • Enjoy reading and studying a good novel
  • Gain an understanding of ideas and author's purpose 
  • Basic coding of animations
  • Learn how to use literacy information skills 


Animator, Film special effects, Graphics designer, Game Developer, Writer, Journalist

Career Pathways

Pathway Tags

Accountant, Accounts Officer, Auditor, Debt Collector, Finance Manager, Financial Adviser, Financial Dealer, Payroll Officer, Mortgage Broker, Actuary, Energy Auditor, Real Estate Agent, Business Analyst, Computer Support Technician, Database/Systems Administrator, Game Developer, Information and Communication Technology Manager, Network Engineer, Programmer, Software Architect, Test Analyst, Web Designer, Web Developer, Website Administrator, Telecommunications Engineer, Administration Officer, Contact Centre Worker, Customs/Freight Broker, Data Entry Operator/Transcriptionist, Office Manager, Personal Assistant, Receptionist, Records Adviser, Secretary, Information Systems, Engineer, Software Developer, Small Business Owner, Website Developer, Website Manage, Research and Development, Product and Support, E-Commerce, Marketing Consultant, Sales and Marketing, ICT Security Specialist, Telecommunications Network Planner, Animation, Robotics Designer Video and Film: Software Engineer, Makeup and Prosthetics, Trades, Armed Forces, Broadcaster, Reporter, Interpreter, Training Consultant, Librarian, Curator, Communications, Marketing Manager, Reviewer, Teacher, Editor, Lawyer, Publisher, Account Executive, Account Supervisor, Actor/actress, Administration, Administrative & Program Director, Administrative Assistant/Office Mgr., Advertising, Advertising Account Executive, Advertising Sales Representative, Announcer, Application Developer, Archivist, Area Coordinator, Assistant Account Executive, Assistant Editor/Production Editor, Associate Company Manager, Associate Director of Publicity, Associate Editor, Associate/Public Accountant, Attorney, Author, Bank Officer, Book Publisher, Bookstore manager, Broadcast Advertising Manager, Broadcasting, Business Operations Senior Planner, Buyer, Career Counselor, Certified Public Accountant, Child Care Specialist/Teacher, Columnist, Commodities Trader, Communication, Communication Skills Trainer, Communications Assistant, Community Affairs Specialist, Computer Manager/Consultant, Confidential Assistant Exec,


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